Welcome to Table of Citations!

Welcome to Table of Citations, a blog for criminal law practitioners in Pennsylvania. This site is a work in progress. Please let me know how you like it.

My name is Stuart Wilder, and I practice with Pratt, Brett, Luce & Wilder, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. I have been a practicing lawyer for 32 years, and during that time sat on  both sides of the courtroom.  Most of my career I have had the privilege of practicing in Bucks County and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Before the personal computer and the internet became mainstays of the law, I had an arrangement with the librarian wherever I practiced to be the first one to receive Law Week. (The fact that I even remember that great publication dates me.)   Whenever I learned of a great appellate case that would help my side, be it the defense or the prosecution, I would do what I could to make sure my colleagues and peers all knew of it so the team could win another one.

Recently, I have been emailing news of new cases where defendants prevail to those who would not mind seeing emails from me describing what I have learned about new cases helpful to those who uphold the rights enshrined in the Sixth Amendment. I think others might find this useful, so I started this blog. My goals are to cover cases you need to know about, do so with no more words than necessary to get the point across, and get everyone else who likes this business enthusiastic about knowing what the latest cases say. It is my intention, as time goes by, to add space for your comments on cases and what I have to say about them, and posts form other who feel their comments can add value to this blog and its readers. Hopefully you will find it useful.