New study lists sentencing disparities between Federal District Courts and Federal District Court Judges/ Eastern District of Pennsylvania among those with highest disparities in drug sentencing


The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse of Syracuse University has released a study that among other things compares sentencing disparities between Federal District Courts and Judges. Parts of the report made public note that the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is  one of the districts with the ten highest disparities in drug sentencing. (Four districts shared the Eastern District’s ranking.) Studies of individual judges’ sentencing patterns are available on a subscription basis.  The parts of the study that are available to the general public are short and best read in full, but today’s New York Times has a good story about it. The public site about the study and the Times’ story (both of which are not too long) require careful reading, as the study has its limitations, but they make interesting reading nonetheless.

Image from Constructonomics.

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